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How to Deal with Major Challenges Related to the Management of Public Debt in the Central African Region

It is in a rainy but warm town of Douala in Cameroon that the regional conference on debt in central Africa took place, from 8th to 9th August 2017 at Bano Palace hotel.

The theme of the conference was “How to deal with major challenges related to the management of public debt in the central African region”.

The conference was in line with AFRODAD’s mandate of “contributing to Africa’s inclusive economic growth and sustainable development through influencing policy change on debt management and development finance anchored on a right-based approach”.

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It was organized by AFRODAD in partnership with “Plate-Forme d'Information et d'Action sur la Dette – Platform for information and action on debt in Cameroon (PFIAD - Cameroun).

About 30 participants from different central African countries such as Central African Republic, Chad, Gabon and Cameroon gathered with the intent to:
Analytically reflect on policies and techniques to achieve debt sustainability in central African countries;

Present and validate the study titled “Debt management in Africa: the case of Cameroon” which had earlier been commissioned by AFRODAD;
Inaugurate the new AFRODAD loan charter “Principles and Guidelines on Sovereign Loan”and advocate for its adoption and implementation;
Advocate for a new sovereign debt restructuring mechanism that protects the interest of all (debtors and creditors);
Popularize the United Nations’ nine core principles on debt restructuring which was adopted in September 2015 and put pressure on African Governments to better manage public debt.

More information on detailed discussions, outcome and expected impact can be found in the workshop report.

Fidélité Nshimiyimana
AFRODAD’s Communication Coordinator

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