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The Southern African Development Community' Parliamentary Forum (SADC PF) hosted a joint sitting of standing committees and the regional women parliamentary CAUCAS (RWPC) from the 22nd to 23rd May

2019 in Johannesburg South Africa. AFRODAD was invited to discuss outcomes of the Regional dialogue on Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) regional dialogue that AFRODAD held in March 2019 in Botswana. The latter had a representation from SADC PF among other participation.

AFRODAD’s representatives to the house, Mr Tirivangani Mutazu_Senior Policy Analyst and Mr Rangarirai Chikova_Consultant under the Domestic Resources Mobilisation portfolio Portfolio, made two presentations on Debt and IFFs to the Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment (TIFI) Committee. The committee was composed of MPs from Namibia, Eswatini, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius and Seychelles and two members of the SADC PF Secretariat. After the presentations Members of parliament (MPs) agreed that IFFs and unproductive debts were hampering development in the SADC region. There is need for more collaboration between AFRODAD and various regional parliamentarian bodies amongst them SADC PF and East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) for the purpose of enhancing cooperation in the fight against IFFs from Africa.

Addressing the committee, Sophia Swarts Fischer who represented SADC PF Members of parliaments stressed that strengthened cooperation between AFRODAD and SADC PF was vital in building capacity for elected African MPs who play a crucial role of influencing policy within their respective nations.

Mr Tirivangani Mutazu, Senior Policy Analyst under the Debt Management portfolio emphasized that AFRODAD will continue to capacitate MPs through its IFFs Conferences and enriched Summer School sessions, with the requisite knowledge they need to perform some of their functions. “If need be, special trainings can be arranged and AFRODAD will continue providing relevant information to MPs in Africa to capacitate them to raise motions that relate to IFFs and Debt management.