Securing Sustainable Solutions to the African Debt Crises

To influence African governments to develop and implement transparent, accountable and efficient mechanism for mobilization and utilization of domestic resources by 2015.

This objective shall engage African governments to improve the mobilization and utilization of domestic resources and put in place efficient and effective public finance management mechanisms. It shall influence the establishment of strategies, institutions and accountability frameworks for public finance management, with a focus on extractive industries.



Expected Outcomes (Intermediate Results)

  1. Fair, transparent and improved taxation system in selected African countries.
  2. Improved fiscal discipline in management of public resources
  3. Improved and increased share of domestic resources in financing development interventions
  4. Improved understanding on operations of Extractive Industries by CSOs and citizens
  5. Improved transparency and accountability in the mobilization and utilization of finances from extractive industries.
  6. Improved efficiency and effectiveness in utilization of resources for poverty reduction
  7. Improved involvement of CSOs and other stakeholders at country level in monitoring operations of extractive industries