Securing Sustainable Solutions to the African Debt Crises

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Research and Evidence Based Advocacy: Through acquiring knowledge, AFRODAD influences policies and strategies of governments and intergovernmental institutions, donors and development partners. AFRODAD also collaborates with partner organisations, academia and other civil society organizations at regional and country levels to develop synergies and mobilize broad based support to influence policies and practices at national, regional and global levels.

Lobby and Advocacy: AFRODAD works in collaboration with other networks from within Africa and beyond in promoting the ongoing campaign for sustainable debt.  At Africa-wide and international levels, AFRODAD lobbies for among others; the establishment of Fair and Transparent Arbitration Mechanism on sovereign debts; Reforms to the international aid and financial architecture and their institutions, and Responsible Lending and Borrowing. Policy change is the primary focus at national, sub regional, regional and international levels on issues of debt and economic justice.

Networking and partnerships To increase the capacity to perform the role of a Forum and Network, AFRODAD works with both regional and national networks in its research, advocacy and lobbying activities.  AFRODAD mobilises and facilitates the building of debt groups/coalitions by NGOs, civil society and individuals in Africa to discuss current and emerging issues and develop common positions especially on Debt and Aid issues.

Information and Communication: Based on research findings, information is packaged for different audiences for use in education, advocacy and policy formulation towards sustainable development.