Securing Sustainable Solutions to the African Debt Crises

To influence the consolidation of capacity among African states to understand and engage on the implications of aid from emerging sources (BRICS), and monitor its effects on development and poverty reduction by 2015.

This objective shall focus on the role of the new lenders and the implications on the aid architecture. It shall emphasize on understanding the conditionalities of the aid packages, its implications to the social and economic development of Africa in the short, medium and long term. This objective shall focus on the development cooperation between African countries on one hand, and Brazil, India, China and South Africa on the other.





Expected Outcomes (Intermediate Results)

  1. Well informed engagement with emerging lenders that lead to effective development of the continent
  2. Improved transparency and accountability on the aid agreements between African countries and the emerging lenders.
  3. Approval by Parliaments of development aid from emerging lenders
  4. Improved involvement of CSOs and other stakeholders in monitoring development aid from the emerging lenders.
  5. Improved understanding on implication of aid agreements by stakeholders and citizens.


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