Securing Sustainable Solutions to the African Debt Crises

To influence African governments to improve the management of debt resources by 2015.

This objective shall aim at engaging national Governments, creditor nations, bilateral and multilateral institutions including the IFIs to ensure that there is transparency and accountability in the contraction and management of debt, allocation and utilization of debt resources, and that there is adherence to approved and agreed constitutional and policy frameworks on debt management. It shall also focus on country level efforts to address the problem of domestic debt. It shall operationalize the domestic debt studies undertaken in countries in the 2009/11 Strategic Plan as a basis for advocacy, and undertake research in some countries.


 Expected Outcomes (Intermediate Results)

  1. African Governments formulate and/or revise debt management policies and practices.
  2. Improved participation of national CSOs and citizens in monitoring the contraction, management and use of debt resources.
  3. Proactive national CSOs on debt management
  4. Better access to information on debt by citizens
  5. Enhanced and collaborative partnerships with AFRODAD and partner organizations
  6. Improved agreements on debt between African governments and creditor nations
  7. Increased number of African countries qualify for debt relief  
  8. Improved domestic debt management policies.
  9. Increased sustainable domestic debt levels.
  10. Alternative models of domestic debt management.