Securing Sustainable Solutions to the African Debt Crises

Africa is a continent which is endowed with rich natural resources. Underutilization of the natural resources, mismanagement of proceeds from the natural resources and skewed trade agreements with developed countries have resulted into Africans not fully benefitting from these natural resources. Public financial management in Africa has been characterized by inefficiency and mis-allocation of resources, and high poverty levels and disparities between the rich and poor have been attributed to poor economic governance.

AFRODAD contributes to solving the following key issues:

1. Inefficient and ineffective use of natural resources as a resource base for financing development initiatives

2. Unfair and inefficient tax system that penalises the poor and favours the rich

3. Insufficient transparency in the agreements and benefits from Extractive Industries

4. Limited understanding and application of alternative macroeconomic policies that can drive the African development agenda.