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In May last year, we headed to Mauritius for a report validation meeting. This report analyzes the loan contraction process and debt management of the Republic of Mauritius. It reviews the legal framework, the procurement, utilization and management of public loans...

and debts to assess if they are done in a transparent, accountable, participatory and inclusive manner. Based on the findings, proposals for more rational, coherent, and inclusive policies to be adopted on public loan contraction and management were made.

In February 2018, Dr. Fanwell Kenala Bokosi, Executive Director of AFRODAD, and the Senior Policy Analyst & acting Head of Programmes met the Hon. Dharmender SESUNGKUR, Mauritius Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance. The meeting was called by him after he read the report AFRODAD compiled on Debt Management in Mauritius. The minister would like AFRODAD to assist in the implementation of some of the recommendations made in the report!