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Brief about AFRODAD

The African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) was created 23 years ago as a pan African platform and organisation for lobbying and advocating for debt cancellation and addressing other debt related issues in Africa. Today AFRODAD remains committed to contributing to the long term development of the continent through its contribution to finding sustainable solutions to Africa’s challenges in debt, resource management and financial development (Read More)


A prosperous Africa based on an equitable and sustainable development.


To contribute to Africa’s inclusive economic growth and sustainable development through influencing policy change on debt management and development finance anchored on rights based approaches.


To influence African Governments to institute and implement policies and practices for sustainable development and eradication of poverty.

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AFRODAD's work puts people first! As such we are contributing to building an Africa in which governments will strongly play their sovereign role to protect, provide and invest in and for their citizens:

1. Governments must borrow responsibly so that they do not compromise the wellbeing of citizens and prosterity.

2. Governments must place domestic resource mobilisation at the center of financing sustainable development goals.

3. Principles for effective development should be adhered to by both lenders and developing countries.


Accountability and Transparency: AFRODAD shall be transparent and accountable in its operations and work, and in the ways of obtaining and use of resources. Read More


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