AFRODAD, in partnership with the Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) and Debt Jubilee Campaign UK hosted a three-day media capacity building workshop on debt and Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) in Lusaka, Zambia from 28 – 30 August 2019. The workshop which ran under the theme “Financing for Development: Building on Effective DRM and Public Debt Management” was attended by over 30 participants including journalists from Zambia's leading and most influential media outlets based in Lusaka and representatives from various government ministries.  Speakers from the academia and seasoned trainers raised professionally analysed and sensitized participants on Africa's developmental issues related to debt and IFFs that are often underreported but have the power to frame government agenda. Through this intensive training programme, AFRODAD provided the journalists and government officials with information, tools and strategies to understand issues surrounding debt sustainability and the meaning of IFFs and how curbing them can help government to develop much needed public services.     It's AFRODAD's initiative to continuously capacitate journalists in Africa to be able to identify societal problems and to report on them in a manner understandable by the citizens while ensuring that the identified issues make it to the government agenda. Trained media will be able to raise public awareness thus encouraging positive changes by government offices bearers in solving developmental cancers like unsustainable debt and IFFs


A prosperous Africa based on an equitable and sustainable development.


To contribute to Africa’s inclusive economic growth and sustainable development through influencing policy change on debt management and development finance anchored on rights based approaches.


To influence African Governments to institute and implement policies and practices for sustainable development and eradication of poverty.

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AFRODAD's work puts people first! As such we are contributing to building an Africa in which governments will strongly play their sovereign role to protect, provide and invest in and for their citizens:

  1. Governments must borrow responsibly so that they do not compromise the wellbeing of citizens and prosterity.
  2. Governments must place domestic resource mobilisation at the center of financing sustainable development goals.
  3. Principles for effective development should be adhered to by both lenders and developing countries.



  1. Accountability and Transparency: AFRODAD is transparent and accountable in its operations and work, and in the ways of obtaining and use of resources.
  2. Diligence: AFRODAD is guided by industriousness and hard work in its conduct, and shall persevere in its pursuit of a prosperous Africa.
  3. Gender Sensitivity: AFRODAD provides equal opportunities to both male and female, and where necessary shall take deliberate steps to promote the interest of women in order to realize an equal socio-economic status with men in society.
  4. Impartiality: AFRODAD  conducts its work with objectivity, neutrality, impartiality, fairness and factual accuracy, detachment from personal views, and in a balanced manner without bias.

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