Child & maternal mortality, short life expectancy, high level of illiteracy and unemployment are just but few challenges that many ordinary Africans find themselves struggling with on a constant basis. While Africa is rapidly developing, the inequality gap also seems to be widening remarkably. There exists injustice and inequalities that mostly affect the most vulnerable; most often resulting from inadequate tax revenue, insensitive wage structures, and insufficient investment in education, health or social protection for vulnerable and marginalized citizens. Many issues resulting from irresponsible borrowing, unfair investments or inadequate resource mobilization seemingly have a root deeper than a shallow scratch beneath the surface. AFRODAD has thus been working to influence governments in favor of policies and practices that foster the kind of sustainable development that can potentially eradicate poverty.

AFRODAD has therefore initiated a 3-D campaign dubbed AFROSHIFT under the #AfroShift hashtag. Initiatives under each Dimension will either run concurrently or one at a time. The 3 aspects of the campaign include curbing irresponsible borrowing and urging policy makers to stop illicit financial flows and corruption from their respective countries. Moreover, the campaign will exhort against privatization of public services whenever they threaten to widen the inequality gap. It's a shift from vague, weak, biased or complete lack of policies that can improve citizens' lives.  It's a shift from strategies that have been used over time without yielding results. The campaign will also document any shift as it occurs. AFRODAD will partner with like-minded organizations and individuals from at least 33 African countries to run the campaign besides lobbying national governments A stakeholder mapping for various campaign stakeholders is underway.  

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