The Zimbabwean government has been failing to service its public debt since the early 2000s due to lack of adequate financial resources. Moreover, COVID-19 has necessitated further borrowing to fight the health crisis, procuring the COVID-19 vaccine and to stimulate the economy. By end of 2020 public debt was estimated to be 78.7% of GDP which is both above the SADC threshold of 60% and the 70% that is set in the Public Debt Act. Citizens have been expressing dissatisfaction with the management of public finances in Zimbabwe especially during emergencies like Cyclone Idai or Covid-19 that have been characterised by scandals that involve senior government officials. This has raised concerns on whether, the legislation has sufficient provisions to safeguard transparency and accountability during such emergencies. We are therefore looking for a Consultant who will write a Policy Brief on the impact of Legislation on Public Finance Management in Zimbabwe. Proceed to the full TOR and express interest or share widely.

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