• Are you a practicing business journalist?
  • Are you an independent/freelancer with keen interest in socio-economic issues?
  • Are you an activist who desires to learn more on debt and development to inform your work and share gained knowledge?
  • Are you a Member of Parliament (MP) who would like to discuss how journalists and MPs can team up to advance socio-economic justice?
  • Are you a student in mass communication, public management, development studies who would like to sharpen your knowledge on debt and development issues and become a champion of socio-economic justice using your social media accounts and other platforms?
  • Are you from civil society and you would like to find out how you can partner with media to champion socio-economic justice?

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AFRODAD believes in the power of media to positively influence society when issues are effectively reported to contribute to decision making processes and improving citizens’ wellbeing. Journalists play a very critical role in taking information beyond shelves to various stakeholders. A considerable number of citizens lack access to information despite this being a constitutional right. Journalists’ increased awareness and prioritisation of public debt management would translate to increased quality and quantity reporting thus adequately informing citizens and challenging power holders on any decisions that do not prioritise people. They have the potential to play an outstanding role in creating and shaping public opinion and strengthening society. They are the sword-arm of democracy that acts as watchdog to protect public interest against malpractice as it creates public awareness on it and must challenge the same. This year, AFRODAD is launching the annual Pan African Media Forum on Debt and Development as one of its flagship events with the main purpose of building media’s capacity to understand issues of debt and development and actively and boldly engaging and influencing decision towards prudent debt management. This Pan African Media conference presents exciting opportunities for journalists because:

  • They will gain new knowledge and improved understanding on issues of debt and development;
  • They will be sensitised to increasingly prioritise issues on debt and sustainable development thus adequately reporting on them on a regular basis.
  • Journalists, as the 4th estate will be empowered to boldly hold their governments to account to act responsibly when borrowing and spending.
  • They will be able to clearly and creatively link the public debt situation to citizens lives and rights.

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