AFRODAD will host advocacy and training meetings on 18th and 19th May in Central Africa and on 20th-21st May in West Africa.

The purpose of these meetings and training sessions is to engage stakeholders at national and regional levels, and to discuss and forge a common African position and understanding on issues of sustainable development financing in Africa. These exchanges and sharing of experiences will produce an evidence base to support debt advocacy in the Central/ West Africa region through a pan-African approach. Capacity building of stakeholder is also a motivating factor for these events because it is required to promote AFRODAD’s debt advocacy work and to influence the institution and implementation of sustainable debt management policies by African governments and their bilateral and multilateral development agencies.

Theme: "Sharing experiences and mobilising a common debt advocacy position in the central Africa region".

Read the full concept note for meetings in Central Africa.

Find the full concept note for meetings in West Africa.

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