AFRODAD seeks a consultant who can develop a discussion paper to establish and interrogate the suitability of loans for social protection in Africa through experiences of social protection loans disbursed in Tanzania and Kenya.

Purpose and Objective of Discussion Paper - Strengthening the evidence and understanding of the role and impacts of loans for social protection in Africa through:

  • Interrogating the approaches to financing social protection being utilised in Tanzania and Kenya.
  • Interrogating the approaches to support social protection used by e.g. the World Bank, UNICEF, ILO, other UN agencies and bilateral donors.
  • Assessment and documenting of the impacts of loans for social protection in Africa, drawing from examples of Tanzania and Kenya.
  • Understanding how loans and technical advice provided by the World Bank influence the design of schemes and national social protection systems.
  • Assessing the political economy of loan provision, understanding why governments decide to access loans and how the reliance of loans and the use of poverty targeting linked to loans builds or undermines government commitment to schemes.
  • Assessing the challenges for the countries in financing social protection and consider possible criteria that have to be fulfilled before debt financing can be recommended.
  • Producing a discussion paper that will inform advocacy strategies and messages at national, regional and global level on sustainable financing for social protection.

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